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The soft cooing of snow white doves softens the grief of loosing a loved one. The placing of a wish or final farewell message on a dove and the final release of the dove is a symbol of the love and feelings you will keep forever.


A very thoughtful addition to any wedding. The dove is a symbol of peace, love, and tranquility. The bride and groom releasing a dove at the end of the ceremony signifies their everlasting love and teamwork as life’s journey begins.


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Candy and Dave Stuckenschneider are the owners and dove handlers for Wish Upon A Dove. They are both devoted to the humane treatment of all animals. The couple have 10 to 15 chickens, and a Quaker Parrot, in addition to the doves, one cat and a dog. Approximately 6 years ago on a trip to Colorado they were introduced to hobby/business of raising and releasing White Doves. The doves, Rock Doves, Columba Livia, are close relatives of the Homing Pigeon and have a natural homing instinct. The doves are easily trained to home to a loft. They understand that this single location is where they will always find food, water, and shelter. The current understanding of how they "home" is through smell, sighting of landmarks, and the use of earths magnetic patterns. Wish Upon A Dove incorporates a training regimen which is as close to the natural process as we can understand. The doves are never forced to accomplish a task. If they can stay on training and safely navigate home from an ever increasing distance then we ensure they are never "stretched" past their most comfortable level.

Wish Upon A Dove Tribute to 9/11

A little long but watch to the end to honor the fallen, the living and our country. Our doves of peace come toward the end.

Posted by Wish Upon a Dove on Thursday, September 10, 2015