About Our Doves

We use Rock Doves which are closely related to Homing Pigeons. Our doves are treated with love and kindness. The babies are approximately two weeks old when we band them. The bands, which are placed on the birds right leg, are registered with the National White Dove Release Society and as an extra precaution we place a separate band with our phone number on the left leg. We begin our training when the birds a approximately  three months old. They are weened, have their flight feathers, the parents have given them "flying lessons" and beginning to learn from the flock how to fly in formation. We practice natures methods as close as we can. The doves fly around our property during the day and are sheltered from the weather at night or when we feel the weather is too extreme. They are allowed to forage during the day and in the evening we feed them a mixture of 15 grains. Water is always available and frequently during the week we provide a tub of water for them to bath in.